Store your boats and goods safely!

Our road transport company in Fréjus and Cannes facilitates your transports and offers you a storage service for your boats and goods

If you have any goods you need to store for a long or short period, please don’t hesitate to contact our company, VB Logistics, is at your disposal for this service.

If you need to store your sailboat, yacht or speedboat, our company (06) offers you a boat caretaking service.

We have safe premises and monitored storage facilities for your boats and goods.

A wide range of services for your convenience

Do you have goods to transport at a later date? Or you need to store your boat for a period?

Our company (06) places its premises at your disposal for goods storage and boat caretaking.

Our company offers you very attractive prices for the wintering of your boat or caretaking with outings (you will be able to keep your boat parking place).

Feel free to contact our boat caretaking and goods storage company in Cannes for any additional information.