Road transport and exceptional convoy of boats in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region (06)

Specialized in the road transport of ships and exceptional convoys, since many years, our company holds all the departmental necessary authorizations at the national and international level.

VB Logistics, located in Cannes and in Fréjus, has an efficient logistics system and high-performance equipment to offer you handling services such as loading, unloading and shipping to your home, in a shipyard or in a boat park.


We transport all sizes of sailboat, yacht and speedboat, according to your requirements, to the place you wish to sail.

Our company also offers industrial transport for all types of goods.

Boat transport

Our company, VB Logistics, offers road transport of all types of boat. We transport sailboats and speedboats by flat-bed truck or trailer. We can also unload them. The transporting depends on the size of your boat.

If your boat is more than 2.55 m wide, we will transport it by exceptional convoy, in compliance with the French Highway Code.

Our company also offers a boat caretaking solution. Without forgetting the storage of out-of-gauge goods.

Exceptional transport and convoys

Our transporter holds all the necessary authorisations (prefectural, national and international) to transport your exceptional convoy to its destination in compliance with national and international regulations.

Our team of transporters undertakes to respect:

  • Lighting and signalling
  • Speed
  • Accompanying and escort measures

Logistical support for all your road transport needs

Our company, VB Logistics, located in Fréjus, will guide you through all the road transport process.

Thanks to years of experience, your road transporter will do his best to satisfy all of your requests.

For any additional information, please contact your transporter in Cannes.